Green Building Consultancy Services from Apogee Consultancy Ltd.

We provide LEED certification services including LEED project pre-design services, project management, and construction services etc. for resourceful, green, and ecological buildings in a cost effective manner.

Our LEED consultants have experience in LEED feasibility analysis, documentation support, energy analysis, daylight modeling & analysis services for existing and upcoming buildings. These buildings are constructed in such a manner that they have sustainable design and satisfy LEED credits.

Apogee consultancy services for not only New Construction but also Existing Buildings, Core & Shell type of buildings, Green Homes, Green Factory Buildings. The Company has a well established team to unveil project goals for sustainable design and energy efficacy of Green Building professionals and offers comprehensive services which include:
• LEED USGBC/GBCI Facilitation
• Building Energy Simulation
• Building Commissioning
• LEED USGBC/GBCI Documentation
• Sustainable Design Consulting
• Energy Modeling and Analysis
• Day lighting Modeling and Analysis
• Measurement & Verification
• LEED Certification Consulting