Fire Department Pre-Plan


Fire safety plan for Occupancy Certificate from Fire Service Civil Fire Department:

The Fire Service Civil Fire Department has prepared a Fire Safety Plan for the building of the Civil Defense Department OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE, which has been discussed in detail:

For the construction of multi-storied commercial and 500 square meter floor area education, assembly, institutional, industrial, hazardous and mixed-use class buildings, a fire plan will be prepared by considering the following plan in the Fire Fighting Floor Plan.

Permanent arrangements for putting the plan, emergency staircases and alternative staircase, lift and elevator fire, detection systems, alarming systems, emergency lights, exit signs, reservoir and all duct, fire command stations, transformer rooms, standby generator room, Fire Fighting Pump

House, Riser Point and Hose Cabinet, Sprinkler Head, Water Spray, Projector Head, Safety Lobby, Fire Rated Door, Vents, Aviation Lights and so on and the following topics should be mentioned in the Fire Fighting Building Plan, along with the Legend.

  1. Fire fighting floor plans on all floors of the building with underground and mezzanine floorings will be painted in 1: 100 scale proportion;
  2. The north side of the building plan shall be marked;
  3. The size of the floor and the size of the floor, the wall filling, the framing member, the stairs, the ramps and the elevators of the lifts along with the separate floor plan will be identified along with the land cover (covered area);
  4. The full details of the use shall be used in all the floors of the building;
  5. The location of emergency service services and duct location shall be identified;
  6. The location and number of all emergency service services will be mentioned;
  7. In the plan, the basement walls, other walls, floors and ceilings, the building materials, the height of the rooms with the framing member, and the height of the rooms and walls, and the detailed design of the drain and building;
  8. The location and condition of the road entering the site shall be marked;
  9. The description of the progress of all aspects, including the footprint of entry and emission and the measurement of important road;
  10. Height and type of boundary wall;
  11. The description of the entrance and plot of the plot, including the entry of fire-fighting cars on plots and the complete turning circle for the round-trip of the building;
  12. Description of the width and position of the alternate steps along the corridor;
  13. Position of emergency exit staircase, smoke insulation lobby, and firing door and number;
  14. The location and number of refuse suites, refuse chambers and service dicks on the floor of the building;
  15. Vehicle and pedestrian parking, with the display of entry, emission, driveway, ramp and car parking;
  16. Identifying Refuge Area;
  17. Description of location and number (in the case of) of building, air conditioner machine room, mechanical ventilation, vents, gas pipes and boilers;
  18. The complete description of exit marking with exit sign;
  19. Description of the location of the substation (Transformer and switchgear room) and generator room;
  20. Identification of smoke exhausts system;
  21. Fire alarm system's manual call point, location of the alarm and stub and number of details;
  22. Description of PA system with detailed details on the connection of the control and repeater panel board with smoke detector, hit detector and detection system;
  23. Detailed description and position of the riser, Drencher, sprinkler and other permanent fire extinguishers placed inside the building;
  24. The location of the Underground reservoir, including fire service inlet facility and position of firefighting pump house and location with the capacity of the overhead reserve;
  25. Description of the location and measurement of the Fire Command Station of the building;
  26. Description of the Lightning Arrester of the Building;
  27. Detection of height, position and number of aviation lights (if applicable);
  28. Identifying the number and location of portable fire extinguishers.