Business Process Re-engineering


Process re-engineering is a systematic approach to improving a process. It’s a way to find out and then resolve the problems that affect the productivity and efficiency of a process. It is the systematic effort to understand every aspect of a process in order to reduce rework, variation and needless complexity. Process improvement involves documentation, measurement and analysis for the purpose of improving the functioning of a process. Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding business process re-engineering for its business progress.

Core objectives of Process Re-engineering:
  1. Customer satisfaction – Business will be mainly focus on customer needs which will achieve customer satisfaction.
  2. Reduction of lead time – Business process will be changed and developed for lesser lead times to respond customer quickly.
  3. Fulfilling customer in competitive price – Cutting unnecessary cost by removing non value added activities from process, wastage in process, high utilization of all resources by re-engineering the conventional process.
  4. Agile manufacturing capabilities – By radical change in conventional process agility which is nothing but sharp flexibility will be developed by streamlining all processes.
  5. Performance with no compromise – By re-engineering conventional process quality will be achieved at the point of source only, which will also lowers the cost of quality.
  6. Continuous improvement – A work culture will be developed in organization for immediate acceptance to new concepts which will be reduce wastage to zero level.
  7. Efficiency improvement – By streamlining all the activities higher efficiency will be achieved which will throughout all unnecessary wastage.
  8. Happy workforce – Employees will feel more confident and happy by working through business process re-engineering as the bigger goals will be given in number of stages by changing bigger goals to multiple smaller goals, also with zero errors.