Fire Detection Systems Drawing


Fire Detection & alarm Systems that are correctly designed can provide early warning of fire that can help lives & products protect properly. For building owners and facilities management professionals, fire alarm systems can be both a burden and a necessity.

Although fire alarm systems are mainly thought of by building owners as a system that is required to gain occupancy, a poorly designed fire alarm system can become such a burden to the owner that the main intent to protect people and property can get overlooked or lost.

Choosing and properly designing a fire alarm system is crucial for both the safety of your occupants and your bottom line. We must follow NFPA & BNBC for made a design and reviewed from Accord; Alliance & ILO for every project is consideration below point: 

  • Fire control panel and repeater panel should be clear egress with Suitable Area.
  • As per building premises device selection should be working floor wise. (Beam detector .heat    detector .smoke detector. Combined detector. Or aspiration system etc.)        
  • Total floor area and per floor working location name.
  • Type for building (Steel structure or Concrete) 
  • building beam Details (beam depth .beam to beam spacing)
  • building per floor height Details (Floor to Floor)
  • building machine temperature surrounding. (Generator. Boiler. Dyeing, Washing, etc)
  • Voltage drop calculation, battery calculation, and conduit fill calculation made a proper design.
  • Shed slope need for made a proper design.
  • Per floor noise need for providing bell noise level selection.
  • Number of exit stair for fire call point installation.